03.08.2010 18:57

    I am collector too – my hobby is the dolphin statues that I collect for almost 15 years, so I understand very good what the word “PASSION” means...

    That’s why being attacked lately by many international sugar packs collectors and fans – I decided to tell the full story of IONIA sugar collections.
     I’d like to notice that now I will talk only about IONIA collections – it means “collections made by our sugar department for coffee department IONIA” (besides this we got some neutral collections – we don’t stop there…)
      And then – without being modest I can tell you that there is a limited number of coffee companies in the world who have their own sugar production.
     And certainly – there is NO COFFEE COMPANY in the world at all working in a such tight way with sugar as a marketing tool making constantly (every 3 months) new sugar collections as the IONIA does…
     Let’s begin our sweet trip by New Year collections – the 31 December is coming always in time...
     Honestly saying the design of some our early “chef-d’oeuvres” is scaring me today… It’s up to you to judge the evolution:
     NEW YEAR 2005
                 NEW YEAR 2005 IONIA  NEW YEAR 2005 IONIA
     NEW YEAR 2006
                  NEW YEAR 2006 IONIA  NEW YEAR 2006 IONIA
     NEW YEAR 2007
          NEW YEAR 2007 IONIA
     NEW YEAR 2008
                            NEW YEAR 2008 IONIA NEW YEAR 2008 IONIA
     NEW YEAR 2009
                        NEW YEAR 2009 IONIA
     NEW YEAR 2010
                                 NEW YEAR 2010 IONIA sugar NEW YEAR 20010 IONIA
     Further we go by collections name.
     The first one was called “ANIMALS” and it was packed in the paper box (that’s why there is no traditional IONIA logo on the packs):
                  ANIMALS sugar ionia
     One of my favorite – “CITIES of ITALY”:
           CITIES of ITALY sugar ionia     
             “ITALIAN CELEBRIRIES with COFFEE ionia   
     “BUTTERFLIES” (my friends proposed me to write down on those packs the Latin names for butterflies but the scientific words were so horrible that I refused the idea…)
         BUTTERFLIES IONIA sugar
                            AUTUMN sugar IONIA AUTUMN sugar IONIA AUTUMN sugar IONIA
                    AUTUMN sugar IONIA 
     The “CARS made in ITALY” was a wonderful idea (but honestly saying the realization was too far to be good…):
                                                                      CARS made in ITALY SUGAR IONIA
     The pack which advertised the idea of the famous Italian home coffee maker – “MOKA BIALETTI”:
                                                           MOKA BIALETTI MOKA BIALETTI
     “FLOWERS” of the spring (2006 or 2007 – I don’t remember anymore…):
            FLOWERS ionia sugar
     “CAFFE CLUB IONIA” was a very interesting project…
                                                           CAFFE CLUB IONIA  CAFFE CLUB IONIA
     The collection “ALPHABET for CHILDREN” was double-faced - the pink side for girls
                                      “ALPHABET for CHILDREN”
     ... and the blue one – for boys…
                                      “ALPHABET for CHILDREN”
     Once I remember this collection to go to some bars. My university friend called me saying “Sergio, I’m sitting in a bar, they served me your coffee with a pack of sugar. There is an elephant with the letter “E” on it – what the tricky hell is that?!”
     “WORLD BEST FOOTBALL PLAYERS” was very requested by sport bars:
     Collection “SUMMER. BEACHES. SEA”:
                   SUMMER. BEACHES. SEA
     “ASTERS” were very picturesque:
                                                       ASTERS ASTERS
     But my all time favorite for sure is “SICILY. COFFEE. MAFIA” dedicated to our web-site – (DO NOT MISS visiting the IONIA CAFFE QUEST there !):
                                    SICILY. COFFEE. MAFIA
                                    SICILY. COFFEE. MAFIA
                                    SICILY. COFFEE. MAFIA
                                    SICILY. COFFEE. MAFIA
                                    SICILY. COFFEE. MAFIA
     Then we got quite unusual “COFFE NEW YEAR 2010” (we saw it above):
                                                          COFFE NEW YEAR 2010  COFFE NEW YEAR 2010
     … and the mix “St.VALENTINE + 8 MARCH + ESPRESSO ITALIANO” heart-romantic collection:
                                                      St.VALENTINE + 8 MARCH + ESPRESSO ITALIANO  St.VALENTINE + 8 MARCH + ESPRESSO ITALIANO
     Extremely creative designers of the SDC Special Design Club studio worked good with the last collection (in sale now) - “SAILING VESSELS”:
                                                     SAILING VESSELS
                                                    SAILING VESSELS
                                                   SAILING VESSELS
                                                                         SAILING VESSELS
     Beautiful, isn’tit?
     The only thing I can do at the end – to announce the new collection for the coming autumn…
     It will be very practical sugar packs (especially in after-crisis time…). Please, welcome – “EURO MONEY”! :
            EURO MONEY sugar
     Don’t put it in your wallet – you can pay your coffee with it by mistake…
     N.B. There is a small trick in this collection – on EACH pack there is a hidden little coffee bean… Try to find it when you have this sugar…
                         EURO MONEY IONIA
     That’s all, my friends…
     The only thing I’d like to say at the end – small notice for the collectors all over the world: guys, I’m sorry but we DO NOT KEEP none of old packs neither collections…
     So, remember please – the best way to have old collections is to follow the new…


by Сергей Реминный. Кофейный эксперт. Блог о кофе


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25.12.2011 23:38
Very Beautiful!

Greetings from America,
31.10.2011 00:48
Hi, my name is Ljupka and am from Macedonia.I am collecting sugar bags for almost 10 years (am very close to braking the world record) and I would like to ask you, do you sell the IONIA collections? If you do I would be very grateful if you can tell me the price for all the collections. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if it can be done.
16.08.2011 19:30
04.11.2010 19:24
Bravo! Bravo! This is a very nice site, and very dear!
I can know your product!
Thank you.
10.10.2010 16:06
я несколько лет уже не живу в Украине и, очень жаль но, не следила за развитием всех направлений Ионии, просмотрев коллекции Дона Сержа за все эти годы, хочу выразить восхищение и, как говориться, снимаю шляпу перед Вашей креативностью. Молодец!! А поскольку вы взялись и за авто развозящие ваши продукты - думаю, скоро у вас пойдут запросы от соответствующих коллекционеров и это будет более выгодно :)
26.09.2010 17:46
Не, нет смысла ни экономически, ни маркетингово...
26.09.2010 13:29
Siciliano, а вы не планируете выпускать повторно наиболее интересные серии,например-АВТОМОБИЛИ made in Italy , SUMMER. BEACHES. SEA или же вы всё время находитесь в поисках и разработках дизайна для новых пакетиков?
19.09.2010 18:33
у кого то есть коллекция "ITALIAN CELEBRIRIES with COFFEE", “AUTUMN” и Феррари из коллекции “CARS made in ITALY”.... Давайте меняться!!!!!!
15.08.2010 19:53
та Катя ж обращается к коллекционерам... :-) у Ионии страых колекций нэма - так что следите внимательно за новыми... :-)
15.08.2010 19:18
неужели Кате помогут;?))))
11.08.2010 15:33
Помогите пополнить коллекцию сериями: 1. Коллекция "ЛЕТО. МОРЕ" 2.АВТОМОБИЛИ made in Italy 3. "ГОРОДА ИТАЛИИ 4.NEW YEAR 2005 5.NEW YEAR 2006 6.NEW YEAR 2007 7.NEW YEAR 2008 В долгу не останусь, могу предложить что-то другое!!!!
03.08.2010 22:21
так, а как подробности узнать, как вы высылаете? :-)
03.08.2010 22:17
Уже... :-) Поэтому и пост на английском... :-)
03.08.2010 22:12
ну и что?может запланируете сахар за границу посылать- ведь выходите на международный коллекционный уровень)))))

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